Rill’s Relief

Goetz Stoeck­mann Master Class

Location : Seoul, Korea

Program: Installation

Design Period : January, 2006

Design Team: Kangil Ji

Organizer: UA, K-Arts (


Rill’s Relief


All of us have experience of floating a paper boat on flowing water, chasing them with curiosity and expectation. The boat finally disappears to somewhere else and sinks in time. This memory has a strong relation to the nature of water that continuously flows from up to down, changes as rise and fall.
Throw some sealed photographs depicting stretches of natural waters on the upstream of Cheonggye-Stream of Seoul. These abandoned photos rely their body on the harsh flow, as they tumble, drift, rest, get buried in mud, locked at the stepping stones, and then finally, they approach the Han River, en route to the sea – just like the perennial undulations and irreversible aspect of life. Passengers occasionally monitor these flowing photos’ presence; following the flow of fluctuating images. Some will step up to the stream, put their hands into water, and pick them up as a sole souvenir of the city.
Here, people celebrate more in tasting the living water – our inevitable life resource – flowing in the dense center of Seoul.


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